Father and Daughter

12×12 inches on a box canvas, ready to hang.

e mail me directly if you are interested.





4 thoughts on “Father and Daughter

  1. this painting is beautiful. it is showing a child holdind hands with an adult. it is giving an idea that we should always be together.

  2. while i know this is not a forum to engage into a debate of Mr. Kohan’s art, i respectfully disagree w/ Mr. Hed’s characterization. Art is subjective. and in this case, Mr. Kohan’s art is delicious to the senses. It evokes loves, simplicity, and a bond w/ the universal sense of being. I am a fan… i love your work Mr. kohan… You have a simple way of touching the inner sanctum of the heart…. and for that i am grateful that you exist. keep on doing what you do. you are elegant, simple and beaufiful. thanks.

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